“DETOUR” Ryunosuke Matsui× Karan Singh

松井隆之助とカラン・シンによる二人展 “DETOUR”

Ryunosuke Matsui とKaran Singhによる展示会をMIDORI.so2 Galleryにて開催いたします。




 Ryunosuke Matsui  (松井 隆之助) 

Karan Singh (カラン・シン )

Opening Reception
2016.06.24 from 7PM

【Time】6/24(Fri.) – 7/3(Sun.) AM11-PM19
【Place】MIDORI.so2 Gallery 
【Address】3-13-16 Minami-Aoyama Minato, Tokyo



Midori.so Gallery is excited to present the first exhibition by Ryunosuke Matsui and Karan Singh. Matsui and Singh have lived most of their adult lives outside of their respective homelands. This self-imposed geographical and social displacement lays the foundations for the artworks seen in ‘Detour’, concentrated into an exploration of the relationship between the the constant and the fleeting; the static and kinetic.